Docker login is failing with an odd error

Attempting to docker login from results in an odd error message

I get an error similar to this:

$ docker login
Username (username):
2014/01/01 12:00:00 Error: Invalid Registry endpoint: Get dial tcp: ping timeout

I’m on a high-latency slow connection

Docker has defined as maximum timeout of five seconds before a timeout will occur. Currently, the only solution is to find a connection with a better latency.

I’m running docker under a Vagrant VM

Note: This is probably fixed for Docker version 1.12.2 and greater.

There is a known issue with Vagrant whereby networking connections can sometimes become extremely slow. A solution can be found here.

docker on OS X (via boot2docker) is in a weird state

If you are using docker on OSX via boot2docker, the networking stack can sometimes get out of sync. To fix it, restart the boot2docker image:

$ boot2docker restart

Docker-machine supersedes boot2docker on OSX. To fix weird state of docker, restart docker-machine:

$ docker-machine restart default