I'm authorized but I'm still getting 403s

Attempting to push or pull to.from Quay.io results in a 403 even after a successful docker login

You are using CentOS 7

CentOS 7 introduced a custom build of docker with a known issue that prevents logging into private registries (more information here).


Please upgrade your version of Docker.

You are using docker version 0.8.1

docker 0.8.1 introduced a bug in its storage of auth credentials in the .dockercfg file that results in no credentials being sent to Quay.io, despite a successful login.


Please upgrade your version of Docker.

You are executing docker in a different environment

docker stores the credentials it uses for push and pull in a file typically placed at $HOME/.docker/config.json.

If you are executing docker in another environment (scripted docker build, virtual machine, makefile, virtualenv, etc), docker will not be able to find the config.json file and will fail.

Make sure that the config.json is accessible to the environment which is performing the push or pull.

You do not have permission on the repository

Make sure that your user/robot account/token has permission on the repository. Permissions on a repository can be edited from the permissions view. Note that if you are trying to push/pull an organization repository, your account must either have permissions OR be a member of a team.