Robot Accounts

There are many circumstances where permissions for repositories need to be shared across those repositories (continuous integration, etc).

To support this case, allows the use of robot accounts which can be shared by multiple repositories that are owned by a user or organization.

Managing robot accounts

Robot accounts can be managed in the user or organization view under the Robot Accounts tab.

Adding a robot account

Click on Create Robot Account and enter a name for the account. The username will become namespace+accountname where namespace is the name of the user or organiaztion.

Authenticating with a robot account

To authenticate with a robot account, either download the .dockercfg file from the robot account’s panel or use docker login as described below.

Logging in with a robot account

The following credentials are used:

Username: namespace+accountname (i.e. mycompany+deploy)

Password: (token value can be found by clicking on the robot account in the admin panel)

Email: (this value is ignored, any value may be used)

The following is an example taken from the command line:

$ docker login
Login against server at
Username: mycompany+myrobot
Password: ThePasswordGeneratedInTheAdminPanel

Setting permissions

Permissions can be granted to a robot account in a repository by adding that account like any other user or team.

Deleting a robot account

A robot account can be deleted by clicking the icon next to the robot account and choosing “Delete”.